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Heather Uniat – Legal Assistant

Heather started her career in 1978 and spent 11 years working for  IPL (now Enbridge) as an Engineering Assistant and then as a Computer Programmer.  After staying at home for 6 years to raise her babies, she went to work as a Legal Assistant for lmost five years at the law firm of Baker and Mabbott (later Mabbott and Company) in Cochrane, Alberta. She worked on Wills and Estates and some Matrimonial however the bulk of her work was doing conveyancing.   She decided to move on and started  working with the RCMP as an Information Manager for the next 14 years.  After deciding it was time to get back into the legal field she joined  Findlay McQuaid in February of 2016 and is thoroughly enjoying the work and challenges of reacquainting herself with the legal environment.